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How we keep a healthy immune system while fasting in Ramadan?

Enough protein

Consume low-fat or medium-fat protein food sources, such as skinless chicken, soya base food, or milk, for at least three meals a day, which could be at dinner time after iftar, a protein-based snack before bed, and at dawn (sahur time).

Consume fruits and vegetables

Consume fruits with high moisture content and are eaten whole together with necessary vegetables. If you choose to have fruit juices, avoid adding sugar, sweetened cream, syrup, or other artificial sweeteners.

Less sugar

Reduce the consumption of sweet foods and drinks.

Reduce fat intake

Consume less or no high-fat content of food as well as processed foods laced with various chemical additives.

Water… water…water

Stay hydrated by increasing your fluid intake from water.

Light Movement

Do stretches and light exercises a few times during the day to reduce the production of stress hormones.


Manage stress levels to maintain hormonal balance in the body. If you keep your stress levels unchecked, your body will produce the hormone cortisol which can weaken the function of the immune system.

Be Your Own Label

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” —Edith Head

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