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Developing Your Personal Brand and Professional Image?

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  1. Personal vs. Professional Branding
    • Provide self-image that feels right to you-and looks great to clients, colleagues, peers and superiors.
  2. Your Online Presence
    • How to share the information that you want a prospective employer or client to find?
  3. Looking for professional Certified Image Consultant to assist you?

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What are the most useful tools for creating and managing your brand or building your professional image?

Professional Image and Branding @ MAHSA Prima College

Personal Branding are important. This is especially important for graduates that entering the workforce, interviewing, or starting a new position. People form their first impressions in three seconds. In a flash, they are forming judgments about your competence, your personality, and your values. And once that impression is formed, it is very difficult to change.

The participants have learned that proffesional image involves the way you dress, speak, interact with others, hold your body, and use electronic media. Knowing the importance of image and the way others see you is the best way to project the professional image that will help you be successful.

Are Your Etiquette Up to the Queen’s Standards?

INSIDER’s Emily Christian heads to the Plaza Hotel to find out why young professionals are seeking out etiquette classes. She meets with expert Myka Meier, the founder of Beaumont Etiquette, who teaches Emily the graces of a duchess and explains why etiquette is more important today than ever. Does Emily have what it takes to act like a royal for the day?

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